Prioritize Your Time

Okay, so you started a fitness regimen, and now you’re about to join the ninety percent of people falling so far off the map you’re somewhere in the Antarctic perimeter. Hey, I’m going to judge your progress all I want since you’re about to judge my flat earth beliefs. So, now that we’re on the … Continue reading Prioritize Your Time

Are you A Sheep or A Wolf?

This would be my first post in a few days, sorry for the layover. Saturday was literally non-stop, but in a good way, and Sunday was non-stop in the morning, also in a good way. With this being the NFL Fan’s version of Holy Week, you may see substantially fewer posts as I look to … Continue reading Are you A Sheep or A Wolf?

Somewhere In Dreams

As we enter Day Two of the NFL Fan’s Christmas Season, which kicked off yesterday with the release of the NFL schedule and culminates on my twenty-sixth birthday on April, twenty-seventh, we must also be aware we’re heading at full steam into the summer. This means one thing for many of us: vacation. Since December, … Continue reading Somewhere In Dreams

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

From so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful have been, and are being…evolved. Let’s be honest with ourselves and really break things down into simplest form: we’re a special speck of dust, a fleeting moment on an ark. We can do amazing things during our brief moment in the sun. You all should know … Continue reading Endless Forms Most Beautiful


Oh, Euphoria, sweet goddess you are, take the burden away, to live in this world, fly to the dream, fulfilled fantasies, tribulations at hand, will ride through the land…Neverworld’s End! Okay, so did you know there are two types of Euphoria? There is healthy Euphoria and there is also unhealthy Euphoria. This article today is … Continue reading Euphoria