Cardio or Conditioning?

There is always this ongoing debate on whether I prefer straight-up cardio or conditioning. I know many of us dread the C-words, but they’re necessary evils that have to be done if you wish to get anywhere in fitness. Cardio and conditioning are a part of what I call the Fitness Trinity: Resistance Training, Nutrition, … Continue reading Cardio or Conditioning?

Prioritize Your Time

Okay, so you started a fitness regimen, and now you’re about to join the ninety percent of people falling so far off the map you’re somewhere in the Antarctic perimeter. Hey, I’m going to judge your progress all I want since you’re about to judge my flat earth beliefs. So, now that we’re on the … Continue reading Prioritize Your Time

The Seasons

So, the sands of time have run out, the clock struck twelve, and the windows opened wide. You had a goal to lose ‘x’ amount of body fat, it failed, so now that it’s September, your new goal, for the one-hundredth time is to put on some lean body mass. Excellent, so you know you … Continue reading The Seasons

My Walden

Ah, Pittsburgh! The cradle of civilization! You have to love the scenery both within and outside the city limits. Especially today, during the best season and the best month of the year. We’re one of very few metropolitan areas that encompass three states, each with their own unique rolling and mountainous scenery. This post is … Continue reading My Walden

Once…I Had A Vision

Many people tend to fail at their fitness goals for a single reason. No, it isn’t due to lack of planning, burnout, the so-called burden of meal prep, loss of interest, or just flat out lack of accountability. Many fail because they forget what they wanted. Look, if you don’t take five seconds to write … Continue reading Once…I Had A Vision