Who is your Motivation

As we enter the NFL fan’s version of Christmas Day, I want to give you a rather brief overview on motivation before the draft festivities begin at 8:00pm tonight. Ah, the NFL Draft. Who would have thought television would garner such large ratings as families all across America geared up to watch thirty-two sports teams … Continue reading Who is your Motivation

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

From so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful have been, and are being…evolved. Let’s be honest with ourselves and really break things down into simplest form: we’re a special speck of dust, a fleeting moment on an ark. We can do amazing things during our brief moment in the sun. You all should know … Continue reading Endless Forms Most Beautiful

What Was Your Plan, Again?

You made a resolution for a new lifestyle, and you did your part by getting up and making the commitment to join a gym and now you need to fulfill that resolution. You see all the free apps regarding workouts and nutrition, and you can’t believe the luxury you just fell into. You get literally … Continue reading What Was Your Plan, Again?


I’m going to give a brief run-down on why I do what I do for a living: training and writing. For starters, I’m one of the good guys, and there are about one-percent of good guys in this field. I know some of them either personally or via social media. They’re the people I look … Continue reading Misunderstood