Cardio can be Damaging

We see it in gyms all the time. We have our slow treadmill walkers, our never-ending recumbent bike users, and the elliptical lovers. It seems as if people are addicted to the cardio machines, traveling at one speed for as long as it takes for them to break a sweat or two. Once the sweat … Continue reading Cardio can be Damaging

Cardio or Conditioning?

There is always this ongoing debate on whether I prefer straight-up cardio or conditioning. I know many of us dread the C-words, but they’re necessary evils that have to be done if you wish to get anywhere in fitness. Cardio and conditioning are a part of what I call the Fitness Trinity: Resistance Training, Nutrition, … Continue reading Cardio or Conditioning?

Song of Myself

Today, I’m going to have a little fun and ease up on being such a tough loving, serious, say-it-as-it-is, straightforward trainer than I know I can be sometimes. I’m going to do something a little bit odd, but fun at the same time, and hopefully this sheds some light onto all of you. I’m literally … Continue reading Song of Myself

The Event(s)

You know, some people just simply aren’t motivated. If you fall into the unmotivated class, you need to read this. If you’re skipping out on the gym or your fitness routine because you’re too busy, have no time, are shuffling kids back and forth between their activities, and simply lack the energy needed, you need … Continue reading The Event(s)

Prioritize Your Time

Okay, so you started a fitness regimen, and now you’re about to join the ninety percent of people falling so far off the map you’re somewhere in the Antarctic perimeter. Hey, I’m going to judge your progress all I want since you’re about to judge my flat earth beliefs. So, now that we’re on the … Continue reading Prioritize Your Time