Cardio can be Damaging

We see it in gyms all the time. We have our slow treadmill walkers, our never-ending recumbent bike users, and the elliptical lovers. It seems as if people are addicted to the cardio machines, traveling at one speed for as long as it takes for them to break a sweat or two. Once the sweat … Continue reading Cardio can be Damaging

Somewhere In Dreams

As we enter Day Two of the NFL Fan’s Christmas Season, which kicked off yesterday with the release of the NFL schedule and culminates on my twenty-sixth birthday on April, twenty-seventh, we must also be aware we’re heading at full steam into the summer. This means one thing for many of us: vacation. Since December, … Continue reading Somewhere In Dreams

This Isn’t A Three Month Fix

Commitment is such a powerful word. To me, it entails me to go tooth and nail, day in and day out, to get what I want. This approach goes far beyond fitness, and it indeed pertains to my life. I want to be committed to several things, and I’ll mention a few of them. I … Continue reading This Isn’t A Three Month Fix

The Mythbuster

So, you believe you have it all down to a T?  Your goal is most likely going to be body fat loss unless you’re a young buck somewhere between the ages of eighteen and thirty, where muscle building is likely your top goal. For the majority of you reading this, fat loss is definitely the … Continue reading The Mythbuster

The Greatest Show on Earth

Today, I want to talk about the pain of discipline versus the pain of regret. It’s ironic that many of us love to live in the here and now, to live in the moment, and for the moment. This actually translates to what is referred to in a sociological spectrum as “culture of poverty.” Right, … Continue reading The Greatest Show on Earth