Who is your Motivation

As we enter the NFL fan’s version of Christmas Day, I want to give you a rather brief overview on motivation before the draft festivities begin at 8:00pm tonight. Ah, the NFL Draft. Who would have thought television would garner such large ratings as families all across America geared up to watch thirty-two sports teams pick college kids who may or may not succeed at the next level. Yet, here we are, ready to get our mock drafts perfected in order to challenge Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay for bragging rights. You know, I should honestly begin an NFL YouTube channel, as I know more about the league than I do fitness. No, honestly, I do. Back in 1997 I literally named every single starting quarterback in the league. From Troy Aikman, to Brett Favre, to John Elway, to Rick Mirer (who remembers him?) to Jeff Blake, to Chris Chandler, to Jake Plummer, to Elvis Grbac, to Kordell Stewart, to Jeff Hostetler, and so on, I was the NFL guru of grade school. But enough football talk, as we have some very important fitness aspects to cover today.

Who really motivates you to succeed not only in fitness but in life. Let’s be honest with yourselves, as we all need some outside motivation. Who would yours be? Friends, family, co-worker, rival, someone, a combo? Who is it that motivates you fulfill your fitness duties each day of your life? Many of us who succeed in fitness have an outside motivation. This could be a wide range of people, from those telling you yes, you can, and that this fitness lifestyle is indeed possible to the doubters saying it’ll never, ever happen. We all have both sets of people in our lives, and they can both be motivating factors in their own way.

I think back to my grade school, and especially my middle school years and laugh at my own doubters, and just how wrong each and every one of them were about me. More told me I couldn’t than told me I could, and to this day, that’s my underlying drive. Back in 2011, I publicly told a group of people I graduated school with I wouldn’t attend a class reunion for more than five minutes. I would just make a short appearance, show off my aesthetic accomplishments, and leave after I make sure everyone saw me and I wouldn’t hang to talk to them because none of them were worth it. For that, a big shout out to those doubters of mine who peaked in high school, I hope you’re all enjoying your life right now while I continue to do what I want to do, which is pen this open post for everybody. But I will say this: they motivated me to do what others told me wasn’t possible for me to do. Since then, I’ve become a workout warrior whose own goal right now is to challenge my body twice a day, each and every day, and I plan on doing this until I’m no longer physically capable to move.

Then, come high school, there was a hallowed few who became my motivation by showing me the way and becoming workout partners. These are the positive people you want to surround yourself with, because they’re going to be the ones taking you a long way. What’s really awesome is these are the people you can find at your local gym. I love it when people (or ten dollars per month fitness chains) think gyms are intimidating judgement zones. They’re not, and the irony is that they’re the opposite. Yet, large chains that charge ten dollars per month by stealing a bank routing number won’t tell you that, because they’re out of business if they don’t take advantage of the naivety of most people. Trust me on this one, because especially at your small-box, private health clubs, you’re going to get a friendly atmosphere, a supportive yet honest staff, and a strong network of fitness connections. In other words, in order to counter those that say you can’t, people at these clubs say you can! How does that sound?

See, I live to prove people wrong in every aspect of anything and everything. What’s ironic is if the majority of people think and feel a certain way, it’s always wrong. Warning: I’m going to briefly get political here, so forgive me, but it’s a prime example. In every single election cycle, what do we typically see? We see most people voting either Republican or Democrat, but little is known about the Libertarian, Independent, or other candidates. Yet, most of us can agree America has been weakened financially and has experienced large government overreach over the past two decades, yet we still elect either one party or the other, but since we’ve flip-flopped over the past four election cycles, it’s clear to me neither party does well. Yeah, I’ve heard the lesser of the two evils debate, but in all honesty, I’ve since opened my mind and taken different routes. I identify as Libertarian, and I’ll never vote for a major party. To me, neither one of them are very bright so I refuse to support them. This past election, third parties earned five percent of the vote, which means five percent of voters thought differently, while ninety-five percent went either blue or red. Yet, what have we seen in the past one-hundred days? I’ll leave that answer up to the reader.

So, by using this example, and again, forgive me, but it is a prime example on how we can clearly see a vast majority being in the wrong yet only a few being in the right. So, instead of listening to the big money spenders in the media who thrive off being judgement free and waving a ten dollar a month fee in your face, why don’t we buckle down and do our research? The prime reason here is that nobody in these large box membership mills are going to care for you and your goals. In fact, they couldn’t care less. This goes for the ten dollar per month models, as well as the nineteen dollar per month models. In fact, I’ve seen it first hand, to be completely honest. The differences in atmosphere between your private, small-box health clubs and your large-box membership mils are the brightest day to the darkest night. In other words, they’re astronomically different, and the small-box is going to provide you one-thousand percent (no exaggeration), more support than the membership mill, who will tell you straight up they prefer you bringing a voided check in favor of a debit or credit so they can have continual access to your bank account.

But today I’m talking motivation, and I’m pointing you in the right direction when it comes to making the right choice to change your lifestyle and join a health club. What if you’ve been afraid to do so for this reason, yet the TV shows you a ten dollar per month gym that claims to be judgement free yet makes fun of fit people with every TV ad because somehow the fittest people judge those just starting out. This is why America is so brainwashed to think and act a certain way, because of lying companies like that who continually trick innocent people into believing they’re the place that’s going to help you change your lifestyle when some of these companies go as far as serving junk food to their members. Do you want to be motivated to change your lifestyle for good and finally start feeling better about yourself? Then go to a place where the staff is going to know you by name and always reach out to you if you’re having a hard time finding the positive motivation in your life to come in on your own. That’s customer service at its finest and it beats any service a ten dollar membership mill will offer.

Many of us have negative people in our lives, and they will strive to bring you down. I remember my first job at a local grocery store chain, where about ninety-five percent of the employees were just downright negative. In that break room, I never once heard anything good, and I heard a lot of bad. What was worse? There was nothing you could say to these people to make them think positive. Hey, at the time I was going to school for my core classes with the ambition to attend the University of Akron and major in International Relations with a minor in political science, and I could’ve told these people I was on the Dean’s List over at Eastern Gateway Community College three consecutive semesters and I still would’ve been met with negative feedback. These people were miserable! Luckily, I went to a gym that was nothing fancy. It was old school, dirty, and just a basic hole in the wall gym with rusty equipment, and the only air conditioner you had was opening the gigantic garage doors on a hot day. This was back when there were only two gyms in the entire area, and they were both hole in the wall, family-owned gyms. Let me tell you, it didn’t matter what I told these people, I was getting positive feedback, and that is what you want. People become negative because they’re surrounded by negativity. Yet, people become positive because they’re surrounded by positivity. Think negative, get negative. Think positive, get positive. How do you accomplish this? Simply surround yourself with like-minded people. Find who motivates you, and surround yourself.

Happy Draft Day, I hope my team drafts well for a change.

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