The Event(s)

You know, some people just simply aren’t motivated. If you fall into the unmotivated class, you need to read this. If you’re skipping out on the gym or your fitness routine because you’re too busy, have no time, are shuffling kids back and forth between their activities, and simply lack the energy needed, you need to read this. Do you want to know a very real underlying cause for lack of motivation? There is no timetable for you to get something done. What is it that makes you want to achieve your goal? What is your reason for stepping into the gym during that one week of motivation you had? Why were you there? Why were you unable to do this long term, failing once more to do so for the tenth year running after a week of optimism and turning into the Cleveland Browns of the fitness world?

I’m going to tell you why you’ve failed: you didn’t put any kind of timetable on this. You didn’t know why you were there. You weren’t working towards anything. Look, the “I want to lose body-fat” isn’t going to make you last in here. Why do you want to lose body-fat? Honestly, if you don’t have an answer to the ‘why,’ you don’t want to be in the gym plain and simple. Now, why is that? This is because you say you want to lose body-fat but you have absolutely no apparent reason to do so. When you don’t have a reason to act, you aren’t going to act. You really need to find something that will motivate you.

You need an event to work towards, and that event can be anything. Remember last week, when I posted about summertime cookouts and how that is the nail in the coffin for many fitness regimens? Why don’t we take a one-eighty and instead of gorging yourself on those days, let’s try to set goals for each of them. So, with the NFL Draft officially kicking off the Summertime Holiday Season (much like Halloween kicks off the Winter Holidays and yes, I will be in a haunted cemetery that day talking to the Other Side), let’s set some goals for the rest of the summer before my inner-demonologist ways weird you out. We have Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, which are the Big Three of the summer. Well, Labor Day (which always occurs around Week One of the NFL Season), is a good four months away. This means you’re sixteen weeks out from looking your best, and I mean the best you’ve ever looked and felt, as long as you shut-up, buckle-up, and start taking control now.

You already have a gym membership, which is great, but what good is that membership if you fail to use it? Be honest, you haven’t been to the gym in months, or you haven’t been using the gym in months, so you may as well put a value on something you’ve been paying for. Instead of canceling your membership and going back to your former lazy ways, do something different for 2017 without waiting for another January. People who wait until January are too lazy to do anything for the rest of the year, and postponing until yet another January is simply giving these people an excuse to wait another seven months. No more waiting, and get into the present, not the future. We’re only young for a short amount of time, people, so the time to buckle down is now.

I just gave you three events to work for, and that was our Big Three. Memorial Day should be a short-term goal. Sometimes, we have to gain muscle before we lose body-fat. Actually, this occurs more often than not, so perhaps gaining four pounds of muscle by Memorial Day would be a great goal to have. Gain the muscle progressively, and if you’re new to the training stimulus, losing fat will also occur. This holds especially true if you have body-fat to lose. By the Fourth of July, you may need to gain more muscle, so pack on another four pounds. Now you’re already up eight pounds over the past two months. What if you needed to pack on twelve pounds of muscle in order to really get into fat burning mode? You only need to put on four more pounds of muscle by Labor Day and you’re there.

Okay, so now that you’ve finally, after years of talking, have a new lifestyle, or the beginnings of such, now you need to lose that body-fat. You know, call me crazy, but do you know what keeps me on point each year when people start to stuff their faces and continue to feel sorry for themselves while claiming to everyone they’re comfortable in their own skin? I want to look great for Christmas, and that’s what motivates me each year. Hey, I’ll be twenty-six tomorrow (the NFL Draft is much more important than that, however), and I took note of something last year, and it’s something I want to continue to happen year after year. I have three other male cousins and one brother, their current ages are twenty-six, twenty-two, and eighteen. Keep in mind I’ll be twenty-six in sixteen and a half hours. Which one of us looks the youngest? It’s me by a landslide, and I mean a landslide. Guess what motivates me? I want to look ten years younger than the rest of them twenty-six years from now if we’re all still here. That means at fifty-two, I’d like to look like I’m forty-two. And that motivates me to continue to stay lean, while putting on a pound or two of muscle per year. Nothing big, just a pound or so. So, Halloween is a deadline for me to accomplish a certain aesthetic goals, as is Thanksgiving, and Christmas is no exception.

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