Somewhere In Dreams

As we enter Day Two of the NFL Fan’s Christmas Season, which kicked off yesterday with the release of the NFL schedule and culminates on my twenty-sixth birthday on April, twenty-seventh, we must also be aware we’re heading at full steam into the summer. This means one thing for many of us: vacation. Since December, 2016, we have dreamed of looking and feeling great for our summertime vacation this year. January, 2017 began with more optimism than a Cleveland fan’s hope that this is the year the Browns will finally climb out of the AFC North cellar. This occurs sometime in May, after the NFL Draft, only to have it go to pieces come Week One in the NFL season when reality strikes that this will be yet another long season for us Browns fans. Sound like those of us making that New Year’s Resolution we let go haywire sometime between February and March, and now it’s on delay until 2018, and we’ve been delaying this momentous occasion when we do get fit for the past decade since 2007, the last time the Browns had a winning record. Those of us who make New Year’s Resolutions and begin the year with optimism and hope, only to be unable to see it through yet again are literally the Cleveland Browns of the fitness world. What are forty-seven millionaires watching the Super Bowl? The Cleveland Browns. What are forty-seven million American citizens sitting on the couch in the middle of summer? New Year’s Resolution Enthusiasts.

Now that I’ve caught your attention by poking fun at my favorite NFL team and possibly at you, it’s my job to dig you out of this whole you’ve dug for yourself. Why are we so motivated in December on the eve of Winter but for some strange reason, once we’re in the middle of spring, we fail miserably at seeing our fitness dreams come true? Shouldn’t this be the other way around? I always feel peak motivation during the months of March, April, May, and June. July and August cause me to lose some steam, but my favorite months (behind October for sports, hauntings, demons, ghosts, goblins, hallows, magic, and moon witch reasons) keep me going at it harder than ever in the gym, at the track, and even in my neighborhood if I decide to get one in there, which I do often. Heck, sometimes I don’t even need music in order to get motivated. I’m motivated by the ideal spring weather, blooming leaves, magnificent scenery, and feeling of optimism. I feel I can conquer the world, and although I don’t, I still do.

What I’m pointing the finger at today is lack of motivation, and I suspect that’s what you’re suffering from. The only question is ‘why?’ What is it that made you so motivated in December to start a routine in January that made you lose it completely in April? Was it work? School? Kids? Change of plans? Abrupt change of plans? Lack of accountability? Failure to adapt? Well? What was it? Don’t sit there and tell me you don’t know, because I know you do. Don’t sit there and just say you didn’t feel like it, because that’s an excuse, or better yet, that is a perfect example of lack of accountability. You need to be honest with yourself and answer the question. Maybe you thought this would be an add-on? Well, this isn’t an add-on, this is a lifestyle change you need to understand isn’t going to be just something you do for a few months and go back to your old ways. This is something that needs to be done every day, thought of every day, with no days off (even with planned rest days), for an indefinite time.

Once you understand that, then you’ll be ready to change. But either right now you’re finding excuses because either you’re lazy, you don’t want it badly enough, or you didn’t realize how hard it was going to be, so you’re going to fold your hand. First off, it takes a strong heart and a strong soul to change and if you say it’s going to happen and it doesn’t, you just aren’t a strong soul, and you need to strengthen that before you change anything else for the better. So, before changing your life, change your soul, and then change your thought process. If most or all of your thoughts are negative, start thinking positively. Do this for yourself and for others. Once you take your weaknesses, both of which are you, and make them strong, you become strong. See how it works? Is it easy? No, it really isn’t. Is it worth it? Yes, always, beyond a shadow of a doubt is it worth it! Are you worthy of this kind of change? I believe you are. Are you capable of making change? If you need to change things first, you aren’t, but if you change them, you are.

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