Oh, Euphoria, sweet goddess you are, take the burden away, to live in this world, fly to the dream, fulfilled fantasies, tribulations at hand, will ride through the land…Neverworld’s End! Okay, so did you know there are two types of Euphoria? There is healthy Euphoria and there is also unhealthy Euphoria. This article today is to help you know and understand the differences of Euphoria. First, I must credit the first sentence to Xandria, since I copied their lyrics nearly word for word from their song Euphoria, first released in their 2012 album, Neverworld’s End. But it really gives me a solid outlook on what to expect from life. Because we have our awesome moments and our not-so-awesome moments, and we want to make sure our awesome moments supersede the not-so-awesome moments.

We all do this, and we all strive for this, because who doesn’t want to feel good most of their life? Am I right? We want to always feel great, look great, be great, and look forward to what’s coming up next. Sure, we strive for comfort, but without some discomfort, maximum comfort can’t be reached. Think about this statement for a second: without discomfort, maximum comfort can’t be reached. Why not? Because, one will never be truly satisfied with themselves and their lives unless they go through the struggle to receive what they truly want. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of us?

I want you to think about this for a minute: What did you want in life when you were younger? Let’s begin with the seventh grade and end up in our mid-twenties. How many of us, from seventh grade until our mid-twenties can truly admit we’re either doing, or are on the path to doing, exactly what we wanted to do in life since seventh grade. Show of hands, how many of us? I’ve always wanted to be an accomplished writer ever since the fourth grade, perhaps earlier than that. Creativity, wisdom, wit, and complex storylines have always been my strong points. I’ve said this before but had I attended Hogwarts, I would have been placed in Ravenclaw the second the Sorting Hat touched my head. As for that, I’m on track.

But, I also wanted to do something fitness-related ever since I first picked up a dumbbell, and that was before seventh grade. However, like many of us, and I mean the vast majority of us, had a tough time sticking to any fitness program. Okay, so I first tried to start a fitness program when I was in the fifth grade and I have been doing dumbbell curls on a regular basis since I was twelve. So I was very aware of gym equipment from an early age, mainly by choice, despite the fact I was rather small, weak, not athletically gifted, and the last person from Stanton Middle School (which is now a grade school), one would have expected to lead a fitness lifestyle to the extent that I do. But all that changed after my freshman year at Edison High School (in a perfect world, it would’ve been Tesla High School, but we won’t go there). After my freshman year of high school, I was introduced to many movements, techniques, and strategies I never knew existed just one year ago. As my awareness picked up throughout high school, I desired to work in a gym when I turned fifteen, and when I turned twenty-one, that desire became a reality.

However, I totally started to neglect a fledgling work that I started working on when I was nineteen back in 2010. It was the first few drafts of Once, though I didn’t yet know it. In fact, other than my extended take on the NFL, I literally stopped writing. It wasn’t because I lost interest in it, as plots, daydreams, and characters always flared up in my mind, but I simply lost the time to do so. I was literally like a lot of you but in reverse. I lost the time to write, but one day I had some free time. It was back in late 2012, and I was having a cheat day that I used to call ‘Sedentary Saturday,’ where I would do nothing but eat junk all day and take a break from the gym. Those days are a long time gone, but after eating twelve of what would become twenty-four candy bars that day (I have a very powerful memory), I came across the work once more and I started to read it. So, for the next few weeks, I typed another draft, hated it, and erased it.

This process continually repeated itself off and on in spurts until 2014, when I finally said enough was enough, I’m making this part of my life again because by that point, the gym was no longer an escape from reality because, well, I’d been working in it since 2012 and became a means of making a living. So, I had to find a new escape route. I set my sights lower, and began to map out an epic plot, with the working title ‘Once Upon A Journey: The Harsh Winds of Ithaca,’ which was later shortened to simply ‘Once.’ And today, five-hundred-and-seven page later, the work is being shopped to different publishing outlets.

So, why did I just tell you a page and a half about who I am and what I do? Because fitness and health means much more than simply hitting the gym regularly, working out hard, and eating right. Think of all the other stresses we have in life. Do you know what this post is saying? You need to minimize stress, as it really is a very important and integral part of wellness and fitness. Many of us forget about this. We go to the gym, eat right, live the lifestyle to our fullest of potentials, but we literally forget to keep the stress level to a minimum at all times. Even if our lives are highly stressful, they don’t have to be, and you need to realize this. The more stress we encounter, the more outlets we need. This is a two-way street and you need to start looking at it as such.

Sometimes, we need more than the gym in order to unleash stress. We need to keep our stress levels minimal, but our production and satisfaction high. I suggest adopting a hobby that’s healthy and that you look forward to engaging in when the work day and workout is over. Fitness model Joe Donnelly once posted if you’re always talking about the gym, posting about the gym, and taking pride in working out three hours a day, every day, and posting about it, then you’re a loser. You have no life and you never will. You need variety. Donnelly once said his daily workout didn’t even come in his top ten favorite events of his day. While mine, and hopefully yours, is definitely in the top ten, closer to the top five, Donnelly does have a point. I’m going to end this post by listing several different things you could be doing instead of always worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring after your gym stint is over for the day:

  1. Write!!! What else would take my number one spot?
  2. Take a night class. May as well find things to learn and do.
  3. Follow a sports team and become a die-hard fan, and always make that team a part of your daily life. Just remember that you have no control over what this sports team does and that they shouldn’t add additional stress, win or lose.
  4. Play music: I have a keyboard I like to play, and I get better each time I do so. Do you know music? It’s productive and quite relaxing.
  5. Start a social media page based on something you like and are good at, and use it daily. This allows others to follow you and keeps you wanting to share your knowledge on any subject to an even greater extent.
  6. Go back to school: Seriously, if you’re so stressed over your current work or if you have a dead- end job you’ve been doing for twenty years, why not look to expand your horizons? I don’t care if you’re in your forties, as this will give you something to do each day. It may be time consuming, but it’s a good time consuming.
  7. Start a YouTube Channel: I know people who have done this and they love it. Are you really vocal about certain issues in sports, politics, religion, or something similar? Why not let the world know and create a nice following?


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