The Mythbuster

So, you believe you have it all down to a T?  Your goal is most likely going to be body fat loss unless you’re a young buck somewhere between the ages of eighteen and thirty, where muscle building is likely your top goal. For the majority of you reading this, fat loss is definitely the goal, typically misrepresented as weight loss, but there is a huge difference between fat loss and weight loss. Your goal is to lose fat, not weight. As mentioned earlier, you likely already have a pretty decent pre-conceived notion on how to lose fat, and your view is further enforced when you see initial results of your own self-made fitness program. This gives you a brief satisfaction that you know just as much as us trainers and you believe you’ll never need help. Ever.

I’m in the personal training industry because I love diffusing people when it comes to their mistaken perspectives in terms of all things body fat loss. For one, I already corrected you on using the proper term on what you’re really looking for. Was it weight loss or fat loss? You meant fat loss, but you always say weight loss, because you think weight loss and fat loss are interchangeable. Now that I’ve outsmarted you twice, I should have your attention on why you’re going to end up worse off than you already are (even if you’re at a lighter bodyweight), and why what you’re doing is dead wrong.

For starters, endless cardio with no resistance training, coupled with a prolonged strict diet that is low in caloric intake will make you gain bodyfat. What’s ironic here is that you may even lose weight, but you’re going to lose mainly muscle while hoarding bodyfat. That’s not fun, is it? Even your friends, family, and co-workers will praise you in how much “slimmer” you look and this is only going to reinforce the false hope you’ve already generated for yourself. I intend to be harsh here, because it’s the only way to get you off the high horse you’ve been riding for yourself because someone with actual expertise in the field is going to tell you that you’ve been doing everything wrong up to this point.

Here is what you’re doing: your body is being placed into starvation mode, which causes fat gain around the mid-section and muscle loss in the limbs, which really isn’t what you’re looking for. But hey, Jillian Michaels said you had to do endless cardio on her new piece of exercise equipment that would guarantee weight loss, so while you were sitting in front of the TV, likely eating your one-hundred calorie package of something that is so overly processed it’ll be converted straight into body fat, you decided this is what you needed to do, so you go to the local gym and walk on the treadmill every single day at an incline and you see the weight fall of the scale. The only problem is your body fat percentage increased, your already slow metabolism became even slower, and the weight that was lost was muscle. Which is why the second you stopped trying to lose and started trying to “maintain,” you put everything back on, so you had to repeat the cycle again and again and again.

Are you ready to change for good? Because I, and many others like myself all around the country can show you if you’re willing to put your inflated pride aside and listen to what I have to say. You know those free weights on the dumbbell rack you stay away from because you’re afraid they’re going to make you bulky? Start using them, because unless you are blessed with the muscle-building potential of a professional bodybuilder, you aren’t going to get bulky. Rest assured, only one in one-hundred thousand people have this potential, so you most likely don’t have the potential.

You know those “evil” carbs you’ve avoided every time you dieted? They’re not so evil, only certain kinds at certain times are, such as those one-hundred calorie packages of Oreos or whatever it is you’re eating every evening as a “treat” for eating good all day. Yeah, you want to get rid of those kinds of carbs, such as simple sugars during sedentary times when you’re at a sedentary job. If your job is rather physical, then you may be able to get away with a few more simple carbs, but these days, how many physical jobs are there? So you need to start eating more of the good, complex carbs because that’s your fuel for your workouts. Did you know you have to eat a lot of good, healthy, clean food in order to lose bodyfat and spike your metabolic rate? Yeah, so coupled with the endless cardio you’ve been doing, the 1,200 calories you eat per day when you crash diet is only making your bad situation worse.

Right, so now let’s move onto protein intake, which you’re scared to death of as well because it’ll make you bulky, just like free weights. Did you know your body needs protein in order to generate new cells? You know, cells in the eyes, the hair, the nails, the teeth, the skin? Yeah, protein does that to. In fact, protein is essential in cell turnover more than anything else. And it helps repair muscle cells and build them, which aren’t going to be bulky because you likely don’t possess the potential to get bulky in the first place.

So you thought you knew it all? Well, you don’t. In fact, I can go on and on. I could probably write a book (and I’ve completed three manuscripts, one an extended-novel) on the subject that speaks the truth. But you want to remain in that self-made comfort zone with your proud, self-righteous views on what you need to do in order to reach your goal, so you’ll probably end up buying the next Dr. Oz book that speaks of the latest miracle fruit that causes rapid weight loss that you can buy in the produce department of your local grocery store. Fructose is a simple sugar and it isn’t something you need to eat all the time. Okay, so no more of this Atkins stuff, which will cause rapid weight gain after you’ve finished, Beach Body and South Beach have products for you to buy that are more overpriced than a college education at a public, state university and are just as effective as that liberal arts major in which your son or daughter has recently enrolled.

This is another one of those tough love posts, because you thought you knew the truth. Well, I unearthed the truth in all things fitness, and then I bury people in it. So, if you really, truly want to change, you want to take my word for it, because is it merely coincidental the people I’ve trained in the past haven’t used an elliptical in years and suddenly they saw the fat melt off and the muscle “tone” up? It’s time to change for good, and I’m challenging you to do just that. That’s all for today.

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