Once…I Had A Vision

Many people tend to fail at their fitness goals for a single reason. No, it isn’t due to lack of planning, burnout, the so-called burden of meal prep, loss of interest, or just flat out lack of accountability. Many fail because they forget what they wanted. Look, if you don’t take five seconds to write down what you want and even create that visual within that mind of what you want, seeking the best help in the world isn’t going to help. You need to have a visual of what you’re after. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in stagnation all your life. Without vision, there is not direction, and you have to understand this simple concept before going any further, and I don’t care how much experience you have in the gym.

I love using myself as an example, mainly because my visuals represent a shift in what I look for. In high school, I loved lifting heavy weights after I saw how much strength I put on in such a short amount of time. During my sophomore year of high school, I took third in a regional power meet in my weight class. I thought I’d finally found my long-lost sport, but then I just had to have washboard abs! I then shifted my focus to bodybuilding and four years after my power meet, I took fifth in a local bodybuilding show, which was really middle of the pack, but at least I made a little noise. I had visions of becoming a professional bodybuilder one day, but then men’s physique took off and started gaining steam, so I started doing that, with mixed results, some good and some not-so-good. It really depended on whether or not I wanted to try something stupid, such as leave a coat of tan off and thinking it’d make me look better under the lights. Uh, big mistake there. From then, I really lost interest in competing simply because I wanted to do something that would make me more appealing to what potential clients wanted, and many of those I worked with in the past were big on races and obstacle courses. But even before that, my visual preferences shifted to something that could be best described as looking rather medieval warrior-like. Muscular, but significantly less muscle mass, where solid endurance was also key. These days, I just workout to workout, but I have a very pristine visual of what I want to look like.

One of my hidden talents is novel writing, and I’ve written at least three full manuscripts, working on a fourth, and shopping my main one to publishers and imprints. What’s funny is the main characters not only myself, but those many authors create, are either a blue print of themselves or of what they want to look like. So, in essence, I’m writing down what I want to look like time and again and since I love writing as much as I do all things fitness-related, I’m referring back to that visual every single day of my life for at least an hour. So, not only did I write down what I’m looking for, I also put a very creative spin onto it.

I want you all to meet Cain Robertson, the main character in my action-adventure fantasy, Once: The Lost Book of Cain. I’m going to get into detail on exactly what he looks like, which will give you a prime example of what I mean by actually writing down the goal of exactly what you want to look like. First off, Cain possesses my physical features, meaning he has thick, dark brown hair, is typically clean-shaven, has brown eyes, and very light skin. Physique-wise, he is very, very lean, just as lean as an NFL player. Despite being rather short (I’m only 5’6), he has very proportionate limbs (thank you, my random ancestors), possesses much muscle definition in the limbs with a little size, and has a very pristine six pack, which is a borderline eight. As you can conclude from this paragraph, I literally wrote down exactly what I want in my own fitness life. I want to look like Cain, which is why the character is very based off me. When I get into my rather extreme cutting mode, which for me tends to just naturally happen, I always act as if I’m getting ready for a movie to play the role of Cain. Sure, this may sound very weird to some, but guess what? It works. And if it works, why change it? If it works, I really couldn’t careless how weird it is, because at the end of the day, I’m the one succeeding at my fitness goals while most fall by the wayside sometime between May and August. So, I’ll gladly get ready for my fake movie role and achieve my fitness goals!

You can take my advice and do what many are simply too…I’m really unsure if the right word is embarrassed, ashamed, or something in between… to do. The reason being is so many people are afraid of what others would think and say if they had a unique way of going about things or even to some, admitting their goals to others sounds like a task. But why? Honestly, why are we so afraid to be ourselves in this capacity? So many see things one way, practice this, practice that, yet they do so in private because they’re very unsure of how others will react if they found at Person X wanted to lose body fat and inches off their waist for Reason A or Person Y wanted to look like the next great bodybuilder for Reason B. It’s you who wants it and it’s also your life, so nobody has the right to tell you how you should approach it and what you should and shouldn’t do. I do know one thing, you could still write down your goals and keep them to yourself. You could still use strategies I use and still not tell a soul. Hey, I have over two-thousand followers and counting, so the second I hit the publish button, the world gets to see this. Anyone who comes across my site is going to see it. But I’m not concerned; my job is to help you get to your best and if I influence only one of you, I’ve succeeded.

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