Today, on this fine Sunday, I’m going to talk to you all about hobbies. Why am I including hobbies on a fitness-oriented site? The reason is simple: because we actually need to be rather wise about our selection of hobbies in a fitness-oriented lifestyle. Seriously, I have personally known people who have their fitness lives down pat, but things they did outside of the gym killed their gains they worked so hard to earn in the gym. Why would you work hard for five, six, even seven days a week to get the body you want only to destroy it on weekends? Does that make any sense to anyone? You simply cannot be doing this!

I know we all want to go out and have fun, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t. What I am saying, however, is to exercise caution during the selection process of what you do outside of training hard and eating right every single day. I talk all day and night about surrounding yourself with the right kinds of people, and this is never more important now when I say you need to be doing just this when it comes to leisurely activities you enjoy doing.

I’ll give you a few examples of what I like to do outside the gym and I’ll give examples of what a few former fitness friends did outside the gym in order to prove my point. Okay, so I’m always going to do things outside the training realm that will be beneficial to me in some capacity. Any kind of hobby has to be productive to me or I’m not going to engage in it. Therefore, you can pretty much throw watching excess television on weekends to the wayside unless there is a sporting event on that I care about, meaning I haven’t paid too much attention to March Madness despite my bracket being rather stellar this year (my one region was nearly perfect).

First off, I’m a hardcore, hardcore libertarian (neither conservative nor liberal) and I love spreading the message of liberty to everyone. My definition of liberty. I actually turned this into a five-hundred-page manuscript entitled Once, which I’m currently in the process of shopping around to publishing companies in my spare time. Do you not see how these two hobbies intertwine? Furthermore, I love researching and gathering information on conspiracy theories and I love looking at both sides of any major news story a major news outlet may or may not be telling us the whole truth on. Again, this coincides directly with Once. Also, and this is something no one knows about me until right now, is that I actually write song lyrics and have written nearly one-thousand songs, typically having to do with fantasy (think DragonForce), current events (U2 then and now), political unrest (more U2), and problems facing today’s society (U2). I also have taught myself to play the keyboard tentatively, but I’ve made strides in the past few months, and hopefully I can turn some of these songs into actual music one day, but I have a lot on my plate in my fit life so my time to play is few and far in between, but I take full advantage of doing so on weekends. My favorite music genre is symphonic power metal and bands such as Nightwish are my go-to.

So, as you can see from the above paragraph, every single hobby I possess is in one way, shape, or form, beneficial not only to me, but they can also help out the world, much like my knowledge of health, fitness, motivation, and straightforwardness. I’m also very open about what many may look at as rather peculiar interests, views, and lifestyle, but it’s what I like and I find them to be very, very helpful not only to us but for today’s society. I could literally write a book on it, and trust me, it’s coming!

Okay, so the main reason you need to ensure anything you tend to do outside of the gym and eating right is good for you is because the funny thing about fitness is that every single thing you do has an effect on it. Put it this way, I’ve had friends, such as workout partners, who were very committed to their daily fitness routine so much they’d workout twice a day much like I do, eat right during the day, and consistently try to better themselves day in and day out. Only they’d go drink and party three to four nights a week! Talk about living a double-life. A few years back I had a very committed workout partner in crime doing just that, and half the time they were busy wondering why they felt so sick the next day and couldn’t perform well at all in the gym, at the track, or wherever our workout venue was that day, which was sometimes their own driveway. Talk about an epic letdown. Towards the end of 2014 we parted ways for nine months and after a brief reunification in 2015, we went our separate ways for good, and they disappeared from the fitness scene altogether and I haven’t heard from them since. In other words, their fitness life fizzled out faster than Johnny Manziel’s NFL career. Immense talents, but all the wrong choices and decisions cost them dearly.

Nothing burns me up more when people go to the gym, work hard, and throw it all away on weekends. I’ll be dead honest here, because at the end of the day, the only person being hurt is themselves. Think of what the above paragraph just stated. I could go on and on about other examples of good, committed workout partners I’ve had in the past, because many were as committed as I was, until the double life, detrimental hobbies, and all things not fitness related killed their lifestyle. Do you want to know how many former steady workout partners of mine (keep in mind, workout partners differ from actual training clients in terms I was friends with these people either in high school, outside my own place of work, or in gyms I didn’t work in, or people who also happened to be trainers) are still taking their fitness seriously to this day? One. That’s a sad number. One person, out of all I can think of. Now, there have been people in the past I’ve been really good friends with fitness-wise and they still do well to this day. One of them has his very own nutrition website and makes a full-time living off of it. He does nutritional seminars all over Ohio and other parts of the country, mainly at cross-fit places but in other places as well. Guess what? The guy’s hobbies never deter his lifestyle. I’m currently living my dream of being in a larger metro area and training people in that area, getting better each and every week. You just saw my hobbies, and you also saw the hobbies of other people I knew in the past who fizzled out. Take that as a hint. I’ll see you in the gym.

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