Heroes of our Time

Free from this world, here for a lifetime, oceans collide, inside of us all, believe who we are, the phoenix shall guide us, freedom will rise once again….

If you’re familiar with the lyrics I’ve just penned, it’s from DragonForce single Heroes of Our Time, one of my favorite songs ever, especially due to their lyrics. Today, I’m talking about success and failures, but I’m also going to talk about haters, which is why I picked ‘Heroes of our Time’ as the perfect title to this epic post. Yes, I’m feeling epic today.

We all know people who have succeeded in doing and getting exactly what we want in life. Some of us, myself included, are inspired and we want to better ourselves so we can be exactly like, well, our heroes. For me, I’ve looked up to trainers who tend to change the lives of their clients, my favorite being Chris Powell. While he specializes more in extreme weight loss and I tend to gravitate more towards lifestyle change in order to make fitness a primary priority in the lives of all, we have similar beginnings. When Chris Powell was in school, he was small, skinny, and never picked for anything. So was I, and because of that, both of us started lifting weights and getting bigger, stronger, and more recognized in high school. Before the two of us knew it, we both fell in love with fitness and decided to make a living off helping others with the same issues. Although I’m thirteen years Chris Powell’s junior, he still lays a blueprint in which I love to follow. I also look up to fitness model Joe Donnelly, and have done so since roughly 2012. His Facebook page rocks and what I like most about Donnelly is he’s not afraid to speak the truth and anyone reading this blog should now know I’m not afraid to do so either.

Then we have the haters, or even the failures. These are the people that love to blame others for why they aren’t where they are in favor of taking personal responsibility for themselves and those who saw success were helped, or in some cases given the success. Let me be the first to tell you that these are the most negative people to be around and if you want success, you’re going to have to rid yourself of every soul like this you come across. These people aren’t worth it and if you know them, I want you to cut them out right now. They can blame me for you throwing them from your life and if they have a problem with it, they can message me about it: facebook.com/toddmatthewsphysique. There’s the address to my Facebook link, so feel free to direct these people there when they hear they’ve been cut from your life.

We don’t need haters, we only need positive supporters to applaud our success and motivate us to rise above and take the next step. Take the risks, take the chances, and in all honesty, never back down to a challenge. Most importantly, find some role models to look up to and strive towards what they’ve started building. Now you want to seek these people out. Find those who are motivating and will bring positive influence every single day. You don’t have to know them personally. You’ll find them, don’t worry. This is the second step in the matter: finding those to help guide you along your very own path to where you want to be.

I’m never saying to never compete. If you and a few of your best friends want the same thing, then you better compete with each other. Competition brings out the best in all of us, and if we all want the same thing, we have a right to go after it and put one-hundred and ten percent effort into what we want. Always get after it and hit the ground running, doing all you can to win the day. If you lose, it’s important not to get angry and blame no one for your loss. Use that as a motivator to go out next time and crush the competition. Remember that loss, but do it to ensure you’ll personally do better next time out.

Now, are there some people who succeed and continually talk themselves up for the sake of their gigantic ego? Of course there are, but why are we going to sink down to another level and call them out on it, especially if we’re doing so behind their backs. Are they arrogant? Yes, they are, but you talking about them to others behind their backs isn’t going to improve your situation. I don’t even care if they have a six-figure number in followers. Sometimes quality isn’t always found within quantity. If I only had twelve followers, then I would still write a new post almost every single day for my twelve loyal followers. If I only had few friends and followers via Facebook, I’d still do the same thing, because what if my twelve followers were more loyal and supportive than any one from someone who may have over one-hundred thousand? Again, quality over quantity.

In closing, I hope you learned how to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys today. In any industry, not just fitness, it’s important to remember we have good guys and bad guys in every single field. We have our professionals who do what they do for a living because they love doing it and they know they’re good at it. But we do have our tourists who only see fields of green. How do you distinguish the two? Talk to the professional and then talk to the tourist. The professional will always take the time to answer your inquiries while the tourist simply phases you out and makes you another statistic. The tourist may have the quantity, but the professional will always have the quality. Want to make a complete lifestyle change and you’re choosing between a professional and a tourist? A professional might charge more, but at the end of the day it’s worth my hard-earned money over anything a cost-cutting tourist says.

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