Once, I had a Dream…

And this is it! I borrowed the name of the title and the first sentence to this post from the 2004 song Dark Chest of Wonders from Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. Yet, this may be my favorite phrase of all time. Once, I had a dream, and this is it may be my new favorite quote, to be completely honest. We all dream, we all hope, we all wish, we all want, we all desire, and we all chase different things.

Fitness, in essence, is one of those high end things we just dream about, consistently. How do I know this? How many different infomercials do you see on Saturday morning advertising the latest fitness product? How often do we walk into a grocery store and see labels such as “low-sodium,” “reduced-fat,” “reduced-sugar,” “non-GMO,” “organic,” and many, many more triggers? We dream, and large food companies know we dream, as do large equipment manufacturers. Why do you think familiar faces advertise the products? So average, ordinary, every day people can identify with those claiming to use the product and the so-called results they achieved from using the product.

Everyone dreams, and everyone has goals, yet a very select, chosen few actually achieve their goals. Why is that? Once one sees the actual work ethic goes beyond what the television says, the seed of doubt is planted in the mind. In previous posts, I’ve discussed this topic more in depth, so please refer back to my archives if you’re just now coming across my site. The claims that only a small amount of effort being needed or only a few minutes a day being needed are selling points to get people into buying the product. Furthermore, what else is lacking? The next time you watch an infomercial or a large advertisement on the latest “innovation” for fitness or nutritional products, keep an eye on the fine print, which the manufacturers will draw your attention away from due to the action going on visually and the actors being paid to endorse the product talking about it as if it’s the best thing in the world that sounds too good to be true. This is because it is too good to be true. Sorry, but I’m a blunt individual and I speak the truth. These people are paid to sell a product they never used, and the fine print at the bottom of the screen one needs a magnifying glass to read often says things such as “results not typical,” “individual was remunerated,” “individual followed a sound nutrition plan,” and so-on. In other words, the company doing the selling only wants the hard-earned money you spend forty to fifty hours working for.

I became a personal trainer with one of my specialties being lifestyle for one reason: you need more than a fancy piece of equipment in order to succeed. You need more than just workouts. You need more than simply a workout and nutritional plan. You need more than just workouts, a nutritional plan, and motivation. You need what I call the four corners of an active, healthy lifestyle, and they are a sound, individualized program consisting of workouts tailored to fit your goals, a nutritional plan individualized to fit only your goals, lifestyle, and budget, motivation in the sense of someone being there to motivate you to use the gym you’ve signed up to join, eat the right foods at the right times, and follow through when times get tough. This leads me to my fourth corner of accountability, meaning that someone makes sure you’re following through and doing everything on your end.

It’s just that simple: most people fail at their fitness goals, or in the case of this post, dreams, because they simply aren’t following the four cornerstones. Many of us have no idea where to begin. We might think we know nutrition, but talk to a fitness professional who has experience in the field and has had formal education in it. Your mind will be blown and you will likely be totally wrong with your approach. Furthermore, you may think only one style of exercise is sound for aesthetics, but think again, because you need more than just a piece of cardio equipment in order to achieve maximum fat loss. Notice I said ‘fat loss’ and not weight loss, because there is a difference. Many human beings tend to do what is easy than what is right. Okay, great, you took the stairs instead of the elevator, but you need to do more than that in order to maximize your goals, and keep in mind that when a workout plan is made, a specific workout plan, there is no workout that can replace that plan, so simply three bouts of ten-minute exercise isn’t going to work if your goal is to lose fat and see muscle definition. Even if you think what I’m talking about is only for bodybuilders and fitness models, you have another thing coming. Look, what I’m preaching won’t make you bulky. That’s called propaganda used by manufacturers of cardio machines the general public was simply too naïve to buy into. It was probably something seen on television and then passed down from generation to generation. I’m just speaking the truth, even if the truth is a tough pill to swallow, it’s a necessary one. Is anyone motivating or holding you accountable? Once again, you’ll likely do what is easy in favor of what is right, especially if you have friends who regularly engage in unhealthy habits that will draw you away from your fitness dreams.

Why am I so honest? For one, this world is full of con-artists, and I’m not talking about someone who is going to act like your best friend and end up stealing everything you have. There are legal ways to con others, and exercise equipment and supplement manufacturers are masters of this art. There are loopholes, and as long as that fine print is on the label or the television screen, hidden under everything in that faint print, they have you right where they want you, because it’ll never be seen. Take it from a guy who used to blow his money on useless supplements from age eighteen to twenty-two. I won’t mention any companies because I don’t slander, but if I wanted to really reach my goals faster, I could’ve hired an honest fitness mentor to help get me there. In the end, I ended up spending thousands of dollars for little return on investment. I’m one of the good guys who is trying to steer others in an opposite direction, an honest direction. You can take my advice and finally start achieving the body and lifestyle you’ve always wanted, or you can fall victim to a never-ending mass media outreach of the latest fad. The choice is in your hands.

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