Monday’s Motivation

I love Mondays more than I do Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. No, I didn’t always think this way, but after four years in the health and fitness industry, I sure do possess a different mindset. I realize how tough Monday morning may be for many. It’s the beginning of the work week, some of us have as much as three day weekends, and we have to wake up two hours earlier than we may have the previous three days. Some of us get out of work a few hours earlier on Friday, so getting back into the eight to ten (or more) hour day is a trial for many. Even worse, Monday is Day One of a four to six-day work week, as some of us even have to go into the office on Saturday morning, still rising before the sun. Can it be a drag? Absolutely!

For those of you following me, I love using my own experiences as life lessons. Okay, I get the fact that I’m only twenty-five (I’ll be twenty-six in exactly five weeks) but I can attest I have the wisdom of a sixty-year-old when it comes to my own experiences. With that being said, I want to go back six years to 2011, and what a year that was. To be exact, I want to go back to August, 2011, since that’s when I began working for a local grocery store in Wintersville, Ohio. I was one who was never afraid to put in work, more work, and yet even more work if it were necessary. The good news was, as I continually bagged groceries for eight hours and carried them out to customer’s vehicles, was that I was doing anything and everything that was necessary to show my work ethic. The bad news? I really didn’t want to be bagging groceries, and later on in early 2012, stocking produce goods, all my life. Can one make a good living doing this? They sure can, but it wasn’t what I sought out to do, and I knew this. In fact, the job became so repetitive I became miserable, but I kept at it, because it was how I made my living at the time.

However, after each work shift, where I was typically stressed due to continual stocking of the sale items, maintenance of the department, preparing the fresh goods, addressing customer inquiries, pricing goods, keeping the department clean, and continually stocking the sale items. Yes, I’m aware I inserted stocking the sale items twice, because it really gives you an insight on just how much goes into this. I really gained a new respect for anyone in the grocery industry, because it takes a lot, and I mean a lot of work in order to maintain everything, especially when there are only between two and four people working the department.

I just needed a place to escape to and look forward to going every single day, especially after work. Especially on Mondays! Enter the gym and my fitness routine, because it literally kept me sane. Bad day at the department? A back workout could fix that. Stressed due to the produce sale (talk about a horror story) that had me going for eight and a half hours and a thousand miles per hour? A chest workout remedied. I honestly can’t begin to fathom just how well the gym provides an escape. Sure, it isn’t going to fix a problem you may have, but it’s sure going to help! And if you fall in love with tough workouts, make Monday the first day in the workout week, as it always gives you something to look forward to. Monday gives you a reason to get excited for something, and Monday gives you a new weekly outlook of goals to hit.

That previous sentence really hits hard, because it’s what I love about Mondays. I learned all this in the sixth grade, which we now know was a rougher time during my life due to my sheer inability to succeed at anything at the time. My only fond memory of 2002 was that the Browns made the playoffs that year, and they haven’t been back since. At the time, they were my escape, but the only thing about the NFL is it’s only a seventeen-week regular season for Browns fans, so there was no hope come Monday. Yet, to this day, I remember a sixth-grade teacher telling us how much she loved Mondays because it was a new opportunity to set goals and achieve them. Anything we didn’t achieve the week prior, Monday gave us a new opportunity to reset those goals so we could achieve them this time around. Monday turned over a new leaf for many of us, and it always gave me a reason to get excited about something, even if it took an additional nine years for that idea to be firmly implanted into my mind in 2011.

When we set a goal to succeed in anything, we do so because we haven’t seen success in the goal previously. For that, we must realize many of us tend to dread Monday morning, even as early as Sunday night or even Saturday evening. So, if fitness, or anything for that matter, is on your list of goals, but you’re already dreading Monday the evening prior, you’re already behind the eight ball. We want to achieve certain things during our work week and set new milestones, but we’re dreading the beginning of the work week. This doesn’t make sense. We need to look forward to the work week and use Monday as the day we begin our work towards our weekly goals.

Here is what you need to do: write down your weekly goals. Fitness, work, life, or anything else you can think of, write them down. Type them, pen them, do what you have to. Just make sure you have them written somewhere. In addition, make sure you see them every single day. Don’t just write them down and forget about what you’ve written by Wednesday. Write your goals, continually see to them, and achieve them. If you fail to achieve your weekly goal or goals, own up to it, find out why you didn’t achieve them, and try again next week, fixing the mistakes you made the week prior. The first thing you need to do, however, is change your mindset regarding Mondays if you have not yet done so.

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