The Truth and the Way to Success

There is something I absolutely love about fitness, and it is the positive habits that come along with it. What is even more ironic is the sheer fact on how hard it is to get started making the habit, or any positive habit for that matter. In life, we are almost always held prisoner to some type of bad habit, whatever it may be. Even worse, we may pick up these habits from our parents, peers, siblings, spouses, in-laws, the list goes on and on. People mimic people, whether we realize it or not. There may be someone we look up to and we tend to act just as they do.

In America, bad fitness related habits run rampant. To make matters worse, the mass media and popular outlets will take full advantage of this. Think about the most popular fitness and nutrition icons in America today, and how they relate to others. We have Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil (yes, he has written books about weight loss), Jillian Michaels advertising the latest piece of cardio equipment, TV shows such as The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss, about four-hundred and sixty-two different nutritional ideas, and so many other ads out there which will change in about a year’s time with the next latest breakthrough advertised by the most recognizable fitness icons in America.

How do these people relate so well to the masses in America yet only to see their products flame out within a year’s time? They relay the wants and desires of most Americans, which is typically weight loss. For our younger generation, sometimes it’s more into muscle and strength building, but that is an entirely different subject. The media realizes most Americans desire to lose weight and will do just about anything to do so, especially if it is a cost-effective way of doing so. The media knows this particular market wants two things: to lose weight and to lose weight at a cheaper cost than the competition. Out comes the latest piece of cardio equipment or nutritional plan, guaranteed to give you the greatest results ever and you’ll finally achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of at the lowest cost around! Then, America places order after order after order, until these products are on backorder. This is the answer to their fitness prayers, right?

There’s that old saying that goes “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” In fitness, this couldn’t be more true. Or what about this one? “Never pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” Do you know why the most successful people always seem to see success in anything they do? As a trainer, I’ve noticed one thing, and this is that my most financially successful clients always put one-hundred and ten percent in everything they did. Even if they never worked out before or if they never worked out hard before, when they started with me, they outworked every single soul in the gym. These people realized something, and this something has been preached to us since middle school. There are no short cuts to success. Many of us fail to realize this, as we’re always searching for the shortcut. In fitness especially, there are none.

Another thing I love about fitness is that your body is a direct reflection of how much work you have put in. When you join a gym, you’re making a commitment, and that commitment is to change your lifestyle. There are no more tomorrows. The man who wishes to get it right with God at midnight dies thirty minutes before midnight. There are no more next weeks. If you have been saying for weeks, months, or even years that this year is your year, you have to take action and start doing so. The most successful people I knew never talked to me during their workout, as it was their time to put one-hundred and ten percent in each and every time. They were successful in fitness and in life. Anything they wanted to do, they did it with tenacity. Some of these people worked over eighty hours per week and had kids, grandkids, or both. They never once made excuses. Excuses are for the faint-hearted. Excuses are for the weak. Excuses are lies we tell ourselves. There are no unique or special situations, because we are all different and we all face our own challenges in life. As I mentioned in my first post, I faced numerous challenges but I didn’t make any excuses. Those people who doubted me then more likely than not doubt me to this day. Good for them, because their doubting me or even better, hating on me takes a lot of energy, time, and commitment in favor of doing something positive.

I started this new fitness blog because I want you all to see reality, and this post tells us one thing: there are no shortcuts. There are no easy, clear cut ways. There are no magic pills. There are no eat what you want and still lose weight kind of diets. There are no workout for twelve minutes a day and still see the results you want. There are no free handouts to success in fitness or in life. Stop saying you’ll do this tomorrow or the next day, as tomorrow is never guaranteed. There is only one true way to success, as there is only one true way to just about anything. The one true way is hard, consistent work, on both the physical and nutritional end of the spectrum. Everything else should cease to exist in your fitness life, because it’s only a mass media taking advantage of you sitting there, watching a bunch of actors and celebrities being paid to endorse a product they’ve probably never used. It’s time to change, and change for the better.

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